Wishing You Well Sally

I recently received a letter from Sally Shoemaker, President of the Odenton Heritage Society and long-time Odenton resident. Sally has lived in Odenton most of her life and has dedicated much of it to identifying and preserving the original historic and cultural assetSally Shoemakers of our area. In fact, the Heritage Society, which has been responsible for the renovation of the 1917 Citizens State Bank building and the ongoing renovation of the original Odenton Masonic Lodge for museum space, would not exist if not for Sally’s efforts.

Sally has done all this valuable work for the community in her “retirement” years and is now stepping down from the Board and the Presidency of the Heritage Society. I have had the pleasure of serving as an advisor to the Society for a number of years during this work on re-use of renovated facilities and contacts for construction and management. I’ve also had the pleasure of knowing and working with Sally on this and other community efforts for my entire adult professional life.

Though we did not always agree on what exactly was historic or culturally important to the community, we always worked together in the spirit of cooperation. As the Board of Directors of the Odenton Heritage Society is now in need and looking for members, I hope community members will respond and participate.  We’re all thankful to Sally for her dedication to the preservation, protection and promotion of the history and traditions of Odenton.  I’m thankful for her friendship.

Jay Winer