Early Beginnings in Odenton

In the early 1940’s, Albert Winer and his brothers developed a plastics business in the Odenton area and it became something of a company town. Over the course of their business years, they acquired property which needed to be managed and Albert’s son Jay started his property management business in 1983. Named after Jay’s own two sons (Adam and Jason), A. J. Properties was born. Over time, AJP became a partnership and most of the original Winer-owned properties were sold off and new opportunities have been pursued by the current partners, Jay, Stuart and Donna.

A. J. Properties, Inc. is a third-generation business legacy inspiration in Odenton, Maryland.  Jay’s son Adam joined the firm and the legacy continues.

Early Naval Academy Junction

WB&A Tower & Offices

The Old WB&A Tower & Offices at Naval Academy Junction renovated to what is now AJP’s corporate offices known as the Midway Building at Academy Junction.

The Washington, Baltimore & Annapolis (WB&A) railroad

In 1908, fourteen miles of track between Annapolis & Odenton became the Washington, Baltimore & Annapolis (WB&A) railroad. Shown are the ticket office, soda fountain and waiting room at Naval Academy Junction.

The WB&A Dispatcher’s Tower and Offices

The WB&A Dispatcher’s Tower and Offices at Naval Academy Junction as it appeared in 1908. Today A. J. Properties’ offices are located here.

Naval Academy Junction

Naval Academy Junction served as an essential transfer point for WB&A railroad travel from 1908 to 1935.