Our Services

We are a hands-on, get involved team that is many times guilty of “going beyond the call of duty.” As a boutique real estate company, AJP has the flexibility to quickly “morph” based on client needs and/or a changing market.

How Can We Be Of Service to You?

Your needs are our mission. Clients have relied on AJP for more than 35 years to help them achieve their objective with cost conscious solutions. With our ability to adapt to the current market, A. J. Properties can tailor a comprehensive package of the services below. We offer these services for land, office, retail, industrial, warehouse and adaptive re-use of properties. From conception to completion, we bring solutions. We serve your commercial property needs with an open-mind; from institutional owners such as Johns Hopkins to a 93 year old owner of a small strip center, no client is too big or too small!


A. J. Properties’ development services help clients maximize the value of their commercial land and improvements. We all know time is money and with our detailed oversight and assessment of the client’s needs and best interests upfront, issues can be identified beforehand saving the cost and delay of later modifications.

Experienced in office, retail, warehouse/industrial projects and adaptive re-use, A. J. Properties guides private sector and institutional clients through the entire development process. Our full-service, comprehensive in-house services include consulting of land-use, construction design and management, leasing and property management.  From dirt to operations with continuous client communication, participation and input!

Additional client services can also be achieved with our knowledge of unimproved land values, improved property values, zoning regulations and environmental concerns.  We were involved in the original Odenton Town Center (OTC) Master Plan and have repeatedly participated in all of its updates for the Odenton Town Center Master Plan and are considered experts on how it affects local development.

Whether it is the assemblage of property in Odenton Town Center to support mixed use, transit oriented, residential/retail complexes which are now complete, or the adaptive redevelopment of a 19th century textile mill in Howard County, Maryland, AJP has used its expertise and creative influences to deliver successful results time and again!

Brokerage: Leasing and Sales

Combining professional real estate expertise with a boutique friendly, hands-on approach.

A. J. Properties uses its extensive business contacts and in-depth knowledge of the local real estate market as well as comprehensive data from CoStar, the world leader in commercial real estate information, to effectively represent you.  Whether it is a vacant parcel of land, or properties with single or multi-tenant retail or office, warehouse too, AJP can develop a plan to maximize your lease revenue or sale price potential!

Property Management

AJP offers comprehensive and effective commercial property management services with a conservative and a common sense approach. We are a hands-on, get involved, kind of team. Services include lease administration, tenant relations, rent collection, financial reporting, building and/or grounds maintenance, marketing, renovations, and tenant construction management. AJP is an expert in the ability to prioritize and execute a broad host of tasks and provide direct reports on your investment. Whether it’s a large institution like Johns Hopkins, a large, historical mixed-use property or a small, individual owner, we can adjust to your needs and budget!

“AJP cares for its tenants and properties by promptly addressing urgent maintenance matters; usually within a matter of minutes someone is on site. They neatly maintain the grounds, promptly treat the walkways and parking lots in winter and respond quickly to security issues all to ensure the safety of their tenants.” -Johns Hopkins Community Physicians Pediatrics

Construction Management

Our design and development experience includes all elements of construction from site development and planning to building design to project bidding to permitting to construction oversight to interior customization of tenant improvement work.  Dealing with local jurisdictions on the permitting and inspection process alone, can be difficult at best. With AJP’s pool of professionals having the same passion, quality and client-first attitude, we can assemble a team that best suits your project.  Our time and task management style, along with continuous value engineering, allow for more precise timelines and reduction in construction costs allowing you or AJP to efficiently manage other items such as lease negotiation for precise revenue stream projections. The “investment” required to allow professionals like AJP to manage the project from design to permitting to construction is money well spent!

“AJP cares for its tenants and properties by promptly addressing urgent maintenance matters; usually within a matter of minutes someone is on site. They neatly maintain the grounds, promptly treat the walkways and parking lots in winter and respond quickly to security issues all to ensure the safety of their tenants.” -Johns Hopkins Community Physicians Pediatrics

Tenant Representation

When you are looking to lease commercial space, using AJP’s knowledgeable tenant representation specialists cannot only free you from the time and hassle of searching, but allows you to continue using your valuable time for your clients and revenue stream.  It begins with choices that AJP can locate through the CoStar system, site visits, negotiate contract terms with the Landlord, non-legal lease review and summary and assist in lease execution and occupancy – in most cases at no charge to you.

You want to move but you’re a tenant of a landlord affiliate and don’t want to let us know. Relax. It’s okay. We can still represent you.  We know needs change – ask us to help you find new space that meets your current and future needs. That’s what we DO!

You hire an accountant to do your taxes, a lawyer to do your will and a plumber to do your plumbing, the same should hold true when looking to lease, expand or relocate your business by using a commercial real estate broker, AJP!


AJP’s menu of consulting services assist your business needs from conception to opening or anywhere in-between.  We use our personal experience in operating retail businesses and ownership of commercial properties, as well as a pool of professionals, to review your business plan, assist in locating and negotiating financing, and working with your landlord for a smooth transition into your space all to better ensure that your business begins successfully. From conception to completion, AJP can guide you through the process!

“A. J. Properties, has been managing our commercial property for 15+ years.  With their counsel, we have made improvements over the years that have resulted in a solid rental history with long term, national leases.  Stuart is just a phone call away and always has our interests at the forefront of his advice, long term planning and management.  With an aging local owner and a family that lives out of state, this relationship has been a blessing.  Thank you, A. J. Properties!” -Collins Family

Adaptive Reuse

A. J. Properties has long been an advocate of effective land use and adaptive re-use of those buildings who have lived out their prior purpose. We are fortunate to have experience in this specialty.

Our team has identified and successfully undertaken such projects as the Historic Savage Mill, a 19th century textile mill, which is now home to retail, artisans and craftsmen, studios and professional offices, a fine antiques center, restaurants, a banquet facility and outdoor adventure area. AJP’s abilities were successfully tested with this multi-use restoration to showcase the historic structure with a unique mix of uses.

In Anne Arundel County, we consulted in the purchase and creation of a skating arena from a former bowling alley; consulted on a Brownfield site which is now home to an apartment complex and ready for additional phases of development; transformed this former Exxon into a 7-Eleven, tripled a client’s net rental revenue with a remodel and re-tenanting of a retail center and assisted the Odenton Heritage Society with their redevelopment of a local historic bank building into a café for MARC train riders.