Perception, Perception, Perception

by Stuart Title

I recently wrote to Anne Arundel County department heads as well as other West County leaders and stakeholders with regard to property in the Odenton Town Center.  Tim Lemke of the online Odenton Patch wrote an article a couple of weeks ago about how the buildings on certain parcels (the old China Plus and auto parts store) were razed for the good of the community according to Frank E Dimick. I wanted the County to know it is much appreciated and an improvement, however, I cannot imagine that the County would allow or continue to allow the owner, Odenton Properties LLC, to use his paving rubble as a barrier for the egress/ingress points to the property! These are the small things that go a long way to determine the presentation and quality of a town and it reflects on the County too!

The County was very helpful in assuring the buildings brought to their attention in the core of the Odenton Town Center were properly razed and the site properly left. I was hopeful they would be equally helpful with this effort and have since heard the County is working with the property owner for resolution!

Anne Arundel County, if you’re reading this:  Thanks in advance!