Kudos’s To AA County P&Z

By Stuart Title

Over the years I have been critical of the Planning and Zoning Department at Anne Arundel County.  However to be fair, I also want to give them credit where credit is due. Larry Tom and Chris Soldano recently assisted in making sure a simple pad site renovation was not caught up a myriad of guidelines that just didn’t make sense being applied to this property.  A quick, specified review time and comments that were “promised” by the County and relied upon by 7-Eleven were met.

Additional assistance was offered by the County when SHA had some comments that were becoming both a timing and economic hardship on the project, and threatening  its viability. The County’s support of the project conveyed to SHA was instrumental in gaining SHA’s support as well (approvals pending). This cooperation and predictability between the County and developer in finding ways to say YES, not NO to viable projects within the spirit of the overall County Development Plan is paramount.

It’s paramount in increasing County revenue and tax base from new development sooner not later (or never); it’s paramount to give developers predictable response times and approvals reducing further unnecessary development costs ultimately passed onto the user; it’s  paramount for tenants and residents to plan for and know exactly when their buildings are ready to be occupied; it’s paramount in building a reputation as a partner in development rather than an adversary; it’s paramount to take advantage of the opportunities BRAC has delivered and Cyber Command is sure to require in Anne Arundel County.

We certainly welcome this more as a rule. Imagine the possibilities!

Kudos’s again to Larry, Chris and involved staff as well deserved!